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Job Vacancy

Job vacancy Date of
Duration of
Region of
Type of
Year of
DWT KWT / Engine Salary
Cook on Dry Cargo 2021-08-30 6+/-1 Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Dry Cargo 2007 8160 from 1400  $
Cook on Dry Cargo 2021-08-15 6+/-1 Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Dry Cargo 2004 6800 from 1400  $
Chief Engineer on Dry Cargo 2021-08-03 6+/-1 Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Dry Cargo 2008 6061 2207 kW - Yanmar from 4750  $
Motorman 1st class on Dry Cargo 2021-08-02 6+/-1 Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Dry Cargo 2009 8100 2800 kW - MAN B&W from 1150  $
Electrician on Dry Cargo 2021-08-02 6+/-1 Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Dry Cargo 8100 from 1600  $

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About us

We are glad to welcome you on the website of Marine Crewing Agency “Marine Star” which is located in Nikolaev, Ukraine. We have been recruiting marine personnel to work on a diverse range of vessels since 1999.

  Being an active member of Association «Ukrainian Unity of Crewing Companies» since 1999 we perform full range of services in manning different vessels by skilled crews.

  Our agency was completely licensed by Ukrainian Government for crewing and it is recognized s one of the well-known agencies in Ukraine. Our work is based on a high level of service and the responsibilities to seafarers and ships’ owners. During years of our experience we have been constantly improving the quality of our service. And since 2006 we have branch in Odessa.
  Our main focus is to select and to employ the seafarers on the vessels of foreign companies. Our company has a vast data base of the seafarers for different kinds of vessels: tankers, bulk carriers, container carriers, general cargo and multipurpose. Currently the main specification of our agency is to serve dry cargo vessels of 4000-25000 DWT, offshore and bunkering vessels.
  Now we have CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE issued by Russian maritime register of shipping and this is to certify that “Marine Star“ Ltd has been audited on voluntary basis and that it complies with the requirements of Regulation 1.4, Standard A 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006. Also we have CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CONFORMITY and this is to certify that the Quality Management System of “Marine Star” Ltd has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  We do our job honestly and professionally and the priority in our agency's activity is attracting highly qualified marine personnel to the vessels and promotion at work. We are in favor of stability and confidence in the future for our seafarers and good partners.


  For seafarer's

  «Marine Star» Crewing Agency has been working on crewing market for 22 years rendering mediatory services for seafarer's employment.
  Our agency specializes on such vessels as tankers, bulk carriers, container carriers, general cargo, multipurpose, offshore and bunkering vessels.
  If you have good professional skills, good English and have had more than one contract in a foreign company, our best vacancies will be offered for your consideration.
  Our staff can be useful for you in the following:

  • compliance of your maritime documents with the requirements of International Conventions;
  • conditions for obtaining or renewal of the seafarer's identity document, working diplomas certificates;
  • employment terms and conditions with a foreign ship;
  • financial and tax.

  We are sure that everything changes for the better in life, but the choice is always yours!

  For shipowners

  Dear Sirs !
  For 22 years of activity “Marine Star” Crewing Agency has acquired extensive database of marine experts.
  We can offer you trained shipboard personnel for such vessels as tankers, bulk carriers, container carriers, general cargo, multipurpose, offshore and bunkering vessels.
  Our services:

  • Selection of marine specialists of required qualification;
  • Testing in specialty and English skills;
  • Granting an opportunity for the candidate to have an interview with a ship owner representative from our office;
  • Arrangement of medical examination in certified health care institutions;
  • Checking of all required marine documents and their legitimacy;
  • Execution of arranging of flag state documents;
  • Visa support;
  • Planning and control of timely replacements;
  • Minimizing of costs of crews replacing at ports of Ukraine;
  • Logistic services Home - City - Shipboard;
  • Flights at the best prices (Partner company "Transco Marine").

  As a result of professional experience and application of innovative technologies of personnel management we offer services that lead to sustained revenue growth of our Clients.

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